Chiropractic & Osteopathic Care: Adjustment, Acupuncture & Remedial Massage

At Sydney Osteopathy & Chiropractic We Take Our Time

Most musculoskeletal problems are complex, so at SOCC we give our clients longer,
holistic consultations designed for specific & successful treatment of your needs.
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    Chiropractic is a safe and effective technique which treats the whole muscular skeletal system. Relieve tension and pain in the joints of the spine and body, muscles, ligaments, tendons and the neuro vascular system.

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    Osteopathic medicine is a whole-body treatment. It focuses on the muscular skeletal system and vascular systems as well as osteopathic manipulation to allow the body to function in its optimal state.

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    Remedial Massage

    Massage and remedial therapy involves the direct manipulation of persistently or pathologically shortened soft tissues to allow them to work properly. Remedial massage is a system primarily used to relieve tension.

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    Acupuncture uses fine needles to influence healing within the body by encouraging the increase of blood circulation to the targeted area. Acupuncture benefits the body and might soothe back and other pain.

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    Functional and Postural Assessment

    Gain an in-depth assessment of body movement with a posture analysis to determine key causes of pain. From this assessment, the practitioner will then choose the appropriate course of treatment for posture correction.

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    Rehab Training

    Rehabilitation training is a tailored exercise and stretching plan created to help strengthen areas of weakness found in functional assessments. You will gain a stretching plan, as well as stretching and flexibility exercises.

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    Dry Needling

    Trigger point dry needling is a treatment technique, which uses small filament type needles to release tight muscles with the goal of permanently reducing muscle pain and dysfunction.

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    Naturopathy is a complete wholistic approach to healing based on tradition, scientific research and evidence based practice. This is achieved through lifestyle modifications using herbal medicine, nutrition, bio-regulatory medicine, counselling, and massage. All aspects of mind, body and spirit are addressed for optimal health and wellness.

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    The Pilates method is a set of principles that develops stability, mobility, balance, core strength and posture. Through correct breath and the specific movements your body achieves lean, long muscle tone ,“internal strength” and a calmer mind.


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    Our team delivers professional osteopathic manipulation to provide effective advice, diagnosis & treatment. Our purpose is to diagnose back & neck pain relief & provide a strategy for future osteopathic relapses.

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    Back pain relief can be provided by direct treatment. but in our clinic we also provide a full body assessment which gives us information about what is potentially creating the pain presentation. we can then give you a strategy to remove those causes and remove pain

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    Our contemporary Bondi Junction clinic in Sydney, NSW has access to easy parking, a central location and friendly, welcoming osteopathic & chiropractic practitioners. See us for a chiropractic assessment, rehabilitation training program or acupuncture treatments.


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