Petros Vournelis

B.Sc.,(1995) M.Chiro(1997) dip. Health Science (1992), Post graduate training in Acupuncture and Rehabilitation.

Petros has over 23 years’ experience as a practitioner having completed a Bachelor of Science degree, Master of Chiropractic, an associate diploma in health science (massage) and postgraduate training in muscular skeletal system acupuncture and ongoing core and rehabilitation training from the Prague School of Rehabilitation.

His post graduate training has him focusing on postural, structural and movement pattern assessment and I the significance of poor patterns in the manifestation of and treatment of pain.

Petros is a registered chiropractor and osteopath and his diversity in training allows him to integrate various techniques when treating his patients. He also has a strong rehab aspect in his clinic which has him prescribing exercises to prolong the effects of his treatment. He believes that rehabilitation and exercise should follow the return of normal movement patterns and not before.

He has completed various rehabilitation courses taught by internationally renowned Scott Fonda and Craig Liebenson.

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