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Our Team / Practitioners

Petros Vournelis

B.Sc.,(1995) M.Chiro(1997) dip. Health Science (1992), Post graduate training in Acupuncture and Rehabilitation.

Petros has over 23 years’ experience as a practitioner having completed a Bachelor of Science degree, Master of Chiropractic, an associate diploma in health science (massage) and postgraduate training in muscular skeletal system acupuncture and ongoing core and rehabilitation training from the Prague School of Rehabilitation.

His post graduate training has him focusing on postural, structural and movement pattern assessment and I the significance of poor patterns in the manifestation of and treatment of pain.

Petros is a registered chiropractor and osteopath and his diversity in training allows him to integrate various techniques when treating his patients. He also has a strong rehab aspect in his clinic which has him prescribing exercises to prolong the effects of his treatment. He believes that rehabilitation and exercise should follow the return of normal movement patterns and not before.

He has completed various rehabilitation courses taught by internationally renowned Scott Fonda and Craig Liebenson.

Petros has also had teaching roles with Pilates International in Anatomy and Physiology and was on the advisory board for Pilates VTAB accreditation in NSW. He has also been involved at the TAFE level teaching anatomy at Loftus TAFE and also in the Chiropractic program at Macquarie University tutoring in spinal and peripheral skills and anatomy.

Petros is also a very keen diver and has achieved Master Diver status. He stays fit by playing football, running and swimming and other interests include music and reading.

Susan Tyfield

Susan is a South African trained chiropractor with over 10 years experience treating a diverse range of people. After owning her own private practice in South Africa she wrote and passed her CCEA board exams in 2011 and has been practicing as a chiropractor in Brisbane and Sydney since then.

She has a special interest in treating chronic pain patients, performing artists and sports people and is a member of The Australian Society of Performing Arts Healthcare. She has audited online courses in Behavioural Medicine and Sports and Performing Arts Healthcare.

Her treatment techniques include diversified manual adjusting, SOT blocking, activator, dry needling, IASTM, kinesiotaping and neurological rehabilitation techniques for long term recovery and enhanced performance. Her approach is that there is no one size fits all so she tailors all her treatments and rehabilitation advice to individual patients based on their needs and personal preferences.

Susan enjoys music and cross training and can be found running the eastern seaboard binging on podcasts and admiring the ocean in her free time.

Anna Friedman

Anna has joined the team at the Sydney Osteopathy and Chiropractic Centre as our Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Herbalist. She is also a qualified Yoga teacher and Reiki teacher and comes from a background in education.

Anna fuses together her interest and knowledge of complementary therapies with yogic philosophy to bring about the best health outcomes for her clients.

She works with a wide range of health conditions, both acute and chronic. Her primary focus is to support the body’s natural ability to heal and to improve quality of life.

Anna has been educating the public in health and wellbeing for over 10 years, having taught a number of courses in Reiki and currently teaching weekly Yoga classes.

With a strong focus on a wholistic approach she looks at all the possible factors that may be contributing to your condition and tailors a treatment program specific to each clients individual needs.

Anna is a member of ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society), the Yoga Association of Australia and the Australian Reiki Connection.

The initial consultation is 1.5 hours and follow-up consultations are 45 minutes.

Jee Hue Lee

BHlthSc. in TCM,(2011) at UTS.

B.Chiro (2016) and M.Chiro (2018) at Macquarie University.

Jee has a background in both Traditional Chinese medicine and Chiropractic science which ensures her patients will be receiving an evidence based form of treatment.

She treats people who present with signs and symptoms from stress, overwork, poor diet, environmental conditions and other lifestyle factors. She also has great interest in Women’s health and wellbeing from puberty all the way to menopause.

Her treatment includes acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, moxibustion and chiropractic techniques.

Jee enjoys oil painting, gardening and drawing in her spare time.

Ellen Sutton

Ellen began training at the Australian Ballet School from the age of eight where she performed with the company on several occasions. She then furthered her studies under the direction of Robert Sturrock in Melbourne and more recently continued her training in New York City. Her professional dance career has included;

“Rock Of Ages” the musical as the role of Angel
“Wicked” 2013-15 touring company in the role of Melena “Dream Lover” 2016 and 17/18 return season and many more.

She has more recently studied with Polestar Pilates Australia in the Pilates Matwork Instruction Method. Personally, she has always found Pilates the only form of exercise that maintains her body and mind, during on/off performance seasons. The Pilates method is a set of principles that develops stability, mobility, balance, core strength and posture. Through correct breath and the specific movements your body achieves lean, long muscle tone ,“internal strength” and a calmer mind.

$39 for a casual class
$175 for 5 classes ($35 each)

Maximum number of clients per class is 3 to offer individual, personalised attention.

Nore Hoogstad
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Nore Hoogstad is the founder Gutsy By Nutrition, a holistic health service helping women and men overcome pain and fatigue to reclaim their life with personalised nutrition, targeted supplements & lifestyle support.

Nore offers one-on-one in-person and online nutritional therapy programs that are unique to each person. Based on her client’s body’s warning signs and signals, she identifies any nutritional deficiencies and underlying dysfunction at a root cause level before helping to restore balance and energy.

She also offers in-depth analysis through microbiome mapping (stool testing) and food sensitivity testing.

Nore loves to support anyone wanting better health and vitality, and has a particular interest in people with chronic and complex illnesses, and mood disorders.

Nore is a certified and registered Functional Nutritional Therapist, Integrative Health Coach, Restorative Wellness Practitioner, Gluten Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and has completed the Making Mould Illness Simple (MIMS) course on CIRS (mould illness), Lyme and chronic fatigue. She is a professional member of IICT and ACONT.

Nore loves walking and yoga, the beach, and spending time with her family and two notorious border collies and Molly the cat. She is also a writer with her debut novel coming out in 2019-20.

Initial consultations are 90 minutes and follow-ups are 60 minutes.

For more information go to, or contact Nore directly at or 0423 192 898.

Dr Anton Gillezeau

Anton brings over 30 years of Chiropractic clinical experience to the Sydney Osteopathy and Chiropractic Centre having set up and run successful practices in Sydney, Central London and the Northern Beaches over that time. 

With a B.Sc. from UNSW and a Graduate Diploma in Chiropractic Anton is a caring, focused and thorough practitioner, ensuring that clients enjoy the best possible experience as they move towards their health and wellness goals.