Posture and Electronic Devices

E- devices such as phones tablets and laptops often have a huge impact on posture and then pain presentation in the chiropractic and osteopathic clinic.
What happens to our posture?
The arms are held away from the body increasing muscle activity
The arms are held in internal rotation
The thumb is encouraged to be adducted
The shoulders roll forward and up
The pec, upper traps and post shoulders and sub occipital muscles will normally tighten
The muscles of the mid back weaken and thoracic spine strains
The end result?
Jaw pain
Muscle strain in the mid back
Shoulder injuries including rotator cuff, bursitis and tendonitis
Carpal tunnel syndrome and thumb tendonitis
Golfers and tennis elbow
Head ache, neck pain
What to do?
If you feel any of the above symptoms it may be due to a postural issue.
 You should
  • Ask for a postural assessment by your treating clinician
  • Ask for an ergonomic assessment to be performed at work
  • After assessment you should be advised as to which structures need stretching
  • After an assessment you should understand which exercises will increase the strength in the muscles that are weak and not supporting you