Injury prevention strategy

  1. Get assessed by a trained practitioner for any biomechanical dysfunction or malalignment that predisposes you to injury
  2. Fitness program incorporating
  • Strength (core and general)
  • Flexibility ( not too much )
  • Aerobic fitness

3. Diet

  • Include protein
  • Include carbohydrates
  • Include fruit and vegetables
  • Some supplements where needed fish oil (1500mg/day), Mg++, CoQ10

4. Preparation

  • Warm up – almost immediately before routine longer the dance period the shorter the warm up but ideally 5-8 minutes of increased heart rate mimicking the activity you are about to engage in

5. Recovery

  • Warm down almost to resting heart rate over 10-15 minute period general activity
  • Gentle stretch holding long but not extreme range
  • Rehydrate
  • Refuel with carbohydrates and protein